Healing the Body, Mind and Spirit

La-Rentia Marx offers a unique way for complete healing. Her practice covers not only the physical body but also the emotional body and the all powerful mind.

People come to seek guidance for the following: 

Physical Health:

•       Dietitian : All dietetic requirements

•       Eating Disorders (anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, obesity)

•       General Healthy Balanced eating, weight loss or gain, sports nutrition 

•       Clinical nutrition (kidney disease, cholesteroldiabetes, liver disease

        cancer, HIV / Aids, etc)

•       Health Issues (muscular, skeletal or organ related)

•       Addictions

Emotional Health:

•      General counseling and Life Coaching

•      Stress, Anxiety, Panic attacks, Depression, Bipolar disorder

•      Family and individual counseling sessions, Relationship / Couples counseling

•      Grief and bereavement counseling and Meduimship

•      Trauma counseling

      Membership and Psychic (intuition) work

•      Regression Therapy

•      EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

•      Quantum Jumping

Corporate Clients:

Please download the PDF below for a list of services La-Rentia can offer to your clients / employees. 

Corporate Services.pdf Corporate Services.pdf
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•       Bars

•       Reiki

•       Color Therapy 

•       Vow Releases

•       Crystal Healing

•       Clearances (individual, offices and private homes)

•       Basic Kinesiology (muscle testing to assist in exploring emotional or physical issues) 

•       Art Therapy for both adults and children

•       Play therapy for children

Group Sessions:

•       Meduimship and Intuition development classes

•       Meditation Groups

•       Courses and workshops on different topics

•       Group sessions to introduce other modalities (sound therapy, etc.)

From La-Rentia Marx:

We come into this world as a complete package made up of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual segments. As young children we are in touch with all these segments. During this time we experience free exploration, health, peace and limitlessness. This is a period in which things make sense and we feel happy. We are able to express all we truly are, which is very liberating. Children under the age of 7 seem are usually still connected to all these segments, hence the limitless ways in which they think and express themselves. None of us see or understand limitation at a young age. It is especially our spirit segment; the source of our power and expansion, which allows for this. With this connection we are able to perceive our infinite potential to be all we wish to be. 

Sadly, domestication takes place. We are taught by all who are involved in our introduction to this world how to behave, think, feel and operate. Our dreams are ridiculed, limitation sets in and we are driven to only align ourselves with what society deems to be important and real. Societal norm dictates that we only favor the mind segment within us, completely ignoring the rest. We learn to put all our focus on the outer world, chasing the approval and acceptance of others at any cost.  Our worth becomes measured by others and if we are able to succeed at meeting perceived outer expectations. In doing this, our motto become: “the more I plan / scheme / plot, the more I shall have / belong / be worthy”.  It becomes this endless chase after empty ideals and physical possessions, which feels unfulfilling and pointless. Our self esteems are at an all time low since we always somehow fall short. We always seem to feel not good enough. Levels of shut down takes place and we go through life partly, if not completely, numb, disconnected and depressed. This is probably why we often feel like this life is a soul’s destroying journey. 

I would like to take time to briefly explain how I see the different segments we have, what they do for us and what services I offer in my practice to enhance each particular segment. So here goes: 

Our spiritual connection is the vital component to linking us to the divine and our purpose. Our spirit is our essence, who we truly are. It ultimately provides us with a sense of fulfillment and it links us to all that was, is and will ever be. When we allow a connection to our spirit through activities such as meditation, spending time in nature, doing things which uplift us and really make us happy; we open to inspiration (being “in-spirit”). Our thoughts become filled with inspiration, which leads to enthused acts and fulfilled end results. Things start making sense and this life’s journey becomes worth the effort, since you are connecting to the authentic part of who you truly are.  Yes, we still struggle and hurt but there is a sense of knowing that fills us. This knowing provide us with the wisdom to understand the lessons we are learning. It enables us to grow and increase our awareness levels to where we have compassion, acceptance, hope, fulfillment and peace, even in the grimmest of times. People like Mother Theresa understood this well and therefore could see beauty in places like Calcutta.  

In my practice I offer:  

Regular meditation and mediumship / intuition classes so people can join me in a safe, guided space to connect with their spirit again.  It always feels like one has been on holiday after a nice meditation or mediumship session, since it uplifts you and links you back to what is really important. I also offer life coaching sessions to assist those in need of aligning with their true passion and joy. In my healing capacity I offer private, couples and family session to release obstacles and blockages which might make you feel stuck and limited, hence disconnected from your spirit and source. 

The emotional body is one of our most powerful creation tools. Our feelings translate to energy. Everything ultimately is energy. What we feel sends out powerful energy waves to the world around us and the world responds back.  You will notice when you are in a good mood, you tend to attract positive experiences and people. It is because the world around you is responding to the positive energy vibrations you are emitting. What you are you will attract, or should I say, what you feel you will attract. When we keep being aware of what we feel and consciously choose to shift our emotions to a positive space, we become magnets which attract that which we wish to see. Our emotions also tell us when we are connected to spiritual, purposeful acts by allowing us to feel uplifted, happy and elated. So when we keep aligning ourselves with positive thoughts, feelings and actions we are directly connecting to our spiritual purpose. Pretty awesome huh?!   

In my practice I offer: Opportunities for those who struggle with emotional issues, counseling and the ability to release and heal stuck emotions. Our emotions require validation, acceptance, expression and the enactment of choice. By providing ourselves with the permission to feel sad, we acknowledge and validate the emotion and can then express it in a way which makes us feel better. In doing so we are able to release and heal it. The wonderful thing about it is we can then replace it with something we wish to feel such as; reliefs, hope, love, etc. 

I offer healing modalities such as Reiki, BARS, quantum healing, vow releases, expressed emotion releases, belief changes, regression therapy, color therapy, general counseling, etc. to assist with emotional issues. I have gone through my own deep waters and have found conventional psycho- therapy ineffective. This started my journey to find ways to heal and release emotional issues I struggled with. I combine many modalities and find them to be very effective. 

 Our physical bodies are the vehicle which communicates our emotions for us. If we are happy our bodies feel energized, relaxed and young. When we stress our bodies feel tired, hurt and old. Expressing our emotions is vital to the health of the physical body since it allows for the natural flow of energy. Suppression of emotions lead to energy blocks which in turn becomes varied diseases within the physical body. By honoring and expressing what you feel you are able to release the energy block and miraculous healing on a physical level can take place. It is therefore very healthy to express emotions like sadness, shame, guilt, insecurities, fear, rejection, etc. We are taught by society it is not acceptable to show these emotions. Instead we are allowed to show anger, frustration, disrespect, hatred, etc. These emotions are considered secondary emotions. A secondary emotion is an emotion that is fueled by an underlying (original) emotion, which we are either suppressing or not acknowledging. An example is when you feel angry because you are not acknowledging or expressing the fear you are actually feeling. This is to a large extent why we have become a society who is angry, disconnected, numb, destructive and generally dysfunctional and physically unhealthy. Instead of going inward to explore our true feelings, validating them and in doing so, healing and releasing it; we become angry, suppressed, depressed, destructive and sick. It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge what it is you truly feel. Contrary to popular belief that dictates you will be shamed or shunned when expressing your true emotions, you will ironically be rewarded. The reward lies in the fact that you are able to release the feelings and heal your body. You will find more often than not, others will feel more open to express their true emotions since you have been candid in showing yours. It builds relationships of trust and openness. Vulnerability only seems scary because we were taught it will lead to ridicule. There is much power in vulnerability however. It will open doors for you to success and healing. Others will flock to you since they crave to be free of the shackles of their true emotions and express their authenticity. Your expression will encourage them to do the same and we can all heal together. As Gandhi beautifully stated; “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. It is up to each of us to change and act in a way we wish for others to. If you wish to experience more happiness in the outer world, become it on the inside and you will start experiencing it on the outside.    

In my practice I offer: a holistic view point and approach to all segments of our being. The physical body requires good nutrition, clean water, fresh air, regular exercise and good rest to function optimally. When we provide our bodies with these external components it responds by optimal functioning. As mentioned before, we also need to look if there are any emotional components affecting our bodily functions. If so, we owe it to ourselves to explore them and work through it in a way which allows us healing and clearance on both emotional and physical levels. 

I have a dietetic leg to my practice. Here it is mostly logical mind stuff, yet essential to the normal functioning of the body.  I do believe that good nutrition is fundamental to good health. Currently what is perceived as good nutrition is, in my humble opinion, greatly distorted. In fear we follow and believe the poor advice of those who tell us certain essential food items will harm us. Ironically world populations that are healthy, like the Asians, are eating mainly those items. Interesting, right?! 

I am a firm believer and enforcer of old-fashioned balanced meal plans which include all the basic food groups, in the right proportions to ensure good health, energy, mental vitality and good weight management. 

For those who require physical assistance with issues linked to emotional upsets, I offer all the previously mentioned (in the section about emotions) modalities to assist with the healing and restoration of the body to its original state of optimal functionality. 

I also offer assistance and counseling related to poor body images, body dysmorphia, self-acceptance and self-love. This also includes eating disorders. 

Last but definitely not least, there is the magnificent mind. As much as it can inhibit us, it is a vital part of our functioning in this world. It is a two-fold tool with which we interpret and filter all we experience in this realm. We have the conscious mind which filters all our info and only allows for information which is deemed safe and in alignment with our beliefs, to be perceived. It manages all the information we receive by interpreting it based on what we are taught to believe (values, beliefs, religion, cultural, societal, etc.). This is why two people will partake in the same experience and have very different viewpoints about what they have encountered. It is why some refer to life only perceived through the mind; the “waking dream”. What we perceive as reality may not be what we are truly experiencing due to our interpretation of the event based on our beliefs, value systems, etc. This is why the mind can play tricks on us. It is also with the conscious mind that we buy into fear. Since its job it to keep us safe, the mind will always tell you, you’ll be damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Keeping you stuck. 

The subconscious mind is the component within us with which we experience everything. It has the capacity to process 10 billion actions (bits of information) per second. The subconscious mind stores all our memories, emotions, beliefs, habits, values, programming, our instinct, and behaviors. We find our subconscious, not in the brain, but rather throughout all the neurons in our bodies. It therefore controls 97% of our behavior and perceptions. I would love to go into more detail, but for the purpose of this discussion, I feel it’s enough just to understand that our minds are phenomenal and therefore so are we. We have such great capacity and it is up to us to keep expanding and opening up to new wonderful realities and understandings. The mind can serve us or we can become a slave to its fears and limitations. The choice is ours. 

In my practice I always aim to assist every person in understanding whatever it is we are attempting to work on in order to facilitate growth and healing. The mind is a powerful tool and can create heaven or hell in our lives, depending on how we manage it.  It is only when we allow ourselves to grow and learn and take charge (responsibility) of what we think, that we are able to change our lives. The mind can assist us greatly in achieving that which we aspire to. It can also keep us stuck completely. Exploring the mind and its beliefs / vows / programming assists me and the person seeking help, to find the areas where we can improve on. I then offer meditations, vow and belief changing sessions to assist the individual in focusing the mind, bringing it to the present moment, and releasing that which inhibits it. Often the client and I also create new affirmations as a way of reprogramming the subconscious mind and allowing for new vows, behaviors and ways of thinking and functioning. When you understand how and what you mostly think, you can make changes the thoughts, which would change the outcomes you wish to alter in your lives. Always remembering that thoughts become actions and actions create our realities….

You have the capacity to change how you function on all levels to completely change your world to be what you have always wanted it to be.   

I firmly believe we need to consider and nurture every one of theses components in order to achieve happier, more fulfilled lives. Each component plays an integral part of our existence and development in this life experience. If we are serious about getting the best for ourselves in this world, we will pay attention to each segment. In my practice I offer many modalities with the aim to heal, balance and/or develop each of these components. I offer individual, private sessions, couples and family sessions as well as group development sessions. The intent of my practice is to offer a service which encompasses all the segments, since I believe we function completely holistically; to open all who come through my door to the love they have within and the power that comes with that love. 

My future dream is to work with other who has different tool sets to mine in a synergistic environment for the greater good of all. Knowing we all have a very important part to play in healing ourselves, each other and the world we live in.  We are magnificently powerful beings if only we will love ourselves enough to allow ourselves to be . . . .