BARS are a part of Access consciousness. Access Consciousness is a set of tools and processes designed to increase the consciousness of all. Consciousness includes everything without judgment and is the willingness and capacity to be totally aware as well as totally present in every aspect of your life.


There are 32 trigger points on the head, which we refer to as BARS. BARS facilitates a shift in functionality from emotional, cognitive and logical (mind and physical world language) to perception, knowing, being and receiving (soul languages).  Thoughts, logic and emotions are what creates polarization of oneness, creates separation and cuts us off from receiving. Receiving is one of our greatest capacities.

When we get our BARS run, we dissipate the electrical charge of polarity as it is stored in the brain. It starts activating consciousness and allows for awareness to increase and for you to open to receiving. BARS assists you in deleting what no longer serves you and opening up to what does. Your brain waves slows down during a BARS session, allowing behavior patterns, belief systems and points of views you have been running from childhood or other life times to be accessed. You become more present in your life and the past doesn’t project on your future in the same way. By having your BARS run you are literally changing the probability of future possibilities. BARS can be used to facilitate change in any and all areas of your life.

Science has shown that when functioning from thought, logic and emotions, our cells actually becomes more elliptical, which is linked as being the first step to disease.  Having your BARS run actually allows cells to return to their more spherical and therefore facilitating ease and health in the body.

All a BARS session requires from you, is openness and a willingness to allow change. I have done short sessions with individuals at corporate wellness days who could not believe just how good they felt after a session. It is also a “safer” option to try if you have never had any healing work done and are a bit nervous having work done on your whole body. In BARS the whole body gets the benefit, however the person will just be working from your head. Simple and easy but well worth it, so try it!