Mediumship is the ability to connect to our loved individuals whom have crossed. Mediums have to raise their vibration (or vibrational energy) to communicate with the spirit while at the same time, spirit will lower theirs a bit so we can connect.

We all have the capacity to do so. In fact we are already always connected to all our loved ones, even when we are not aware of it .

Then why are we so afraid of it? We fear this connection since we are taught to disconnect from our spiritual capacity and to focus on our mental capacities. Fear is also instilled in us by society and religious doctrines. We are taught if we connect all kinds of bad, evil things will happen to us. This could not be further from the truth! Sadly, we blindly trust in this fear based beliefs and in doing so, we enhance the feelings of isolation and abandonment we experience in this life.

I have been connecting to spirit since I was a child and know many who’ve had similar experiences. Once I understood what I was experiencing the whole fear element disappeared. It was then, that I realized how wonderful, uplifting and loving these connection experiences can be. Because of this I would like to educate others on the topic and where possible, allow them to have the experience themselves in a safe, supported environment.  

Please, by no means do I encourage anyone to open themselves up to anything they fear. I encourage all who are interested to have spirit connections, to only go to individuals they trust and feel safe with. It is also very important that they functions from a space of consciousness which links all to love and upliftment. Individuals who channel and are not very evolved will communicate more often than not, messages of fear, doom and gloom. They will base messages on their own limitations and not necessarily on what is truth.

So in the light of this, I would explain what mediumship is based on my understanding. How we connect, how it can affect our lives and in the process eliminate some of the fallacies regarding this wonderful connection. So here goes

How are we able to connect?   Everything is energy. From the chair you are sitting on, the floor underneath your feat, to the trees outside, your body, all animals. Everything has energy. Now every different element which we can perceive has different frequencies of energy (it is referred to as vibrational energy and dictates if the energy is at a high vibration or low vibration). Some vibrate at very high frequencies and some at very low frequencies. For example; the concrete floor under your feet has a much slower vibration than you do. Even amongst ourselves we have different vibrations (energies). A sad person will have slower vibrations than a happy / excited person.

Energy is also indestructible. It can not be destroyed since it has the capacity to go from one form to another. An example would be if you rubbed your arm vigorously. The movement energy becomes a heat energy, which in turn creates your body to respond with faster blood flow, etc.  A whole chain reaction is set in motion. If we could see energy, it would look like a lightning bolt going from one object to another and one form to another. In essence; it is a never-ending cycle.

Each of us consists of a physical body, a mind and a soul. There seem to be no debate there. The physical components are limited and do deteriorate over time, as we see in aging and eventually death. When the body ceases to function, it even transforms into yet another form of energy (since energy never dies). The soul on the other hand is limitless and has the capacity to become, once again, what it truly is, was and will always be: a high vibrational energy. This is why we feel free and fearless in our last moments in this life. We return to source and what is source: pure love. We loose all ego based elements (hatred, fear, anger, dysfunction of any kind, etc.), as we return to our truest form of love. No matter what religion you belong to, what race you were, whether you are an animal or human, all forms of life return to the same form of essence; love. True, unconditional love, contrary to the conditional love we experience here. This is why we are always connected to each other whether we can perceive it when our ego blocks us or not. We have this magical string of love joining us and it is always present.

In order to connect with a loved one, we simply have to get into a space where our minds are clear and focused as when you are meditating (sounds odd I know, but it is easier than you think). Then you simply release your fears and pre-conceived ideas to allow your higher spirit vibration to connect to the high vibrations of your loved one. Our loved ones are very helpful by lowering their energy vibration a little so we can feel them too. It truly is a magical moment when you learn to perceive them. The love I have experience with connecting to crossed-over souls and guides are like no other I have experienced in this life.

Yes to get this right, takes practice and is easier for some than for others, but we can all do it. I offer classes to assist people in their technique to connect. During the classes I also assist people in creating a system for themselves so they can better understand the messages and communication from the other side. It can be very frustrating in the beginning but our loved ones are very happy to assist and help where they can. With patience and endurance, you can surely do it!!  

Do they influence our lives?  In quiet loving support, yes they do. They are however very respectful of our lives, and our free-will choice. This means they will at no point tell you what to do! They will be there when you need them though. A true spirit connection will be encouraging and uplifting, allowing you the freedom to make decisions, experience life and learn, freely. Yes, they can warn us against harm but they will not stop us from doing what we wish to do, understanding that everything we go through here, serves us. Everything is ultimately a lesson, whether we see it as good or bad, in the end it is all serving.

In my experience they like showing who they were in a particular life. They show personality traits and even experiences. To indicate they are aware of and present in our lives and circumstances, they will make reference to whatever they deem important. So really it is to show they are still around and they care. I often find no huge, important message like we often expect. They don’t do tricks when we command them, since their job is not to scare us or entertain us all the time. Remember they are here in loving, respectful support. I experience them as very light and carefree and often very humorous. The reason being they are connected to love and understand all now. We will experience the same when our time arrives to leave this world.  

I think the message here I would like to leave you with is simple: they are our support. Like a shadow you know that is there, but never pay too much attention to. They are in essences always with us to love and support us. This means you are never alone, you are always loved and you belong!

If a person was harmful and died, are they still like that in the afterlife?  The simple answer is no. Ego makes us scared, angry, fearful, dysfunctional, etc. So when we cross we go back to our true form of pure love. This is why they can communicate with us and apologize. They can evaluate their lives and contribution to whomever in this life. This gives them perspective on what they did in this life. We will do the same once we go home. No soul is evil in my opinion, regardless of what they do here. We forget that all souls accept certain roles before they incarnate, in order to assist in the growth of their own souls and that of others. If there was no horror in this world, how would we learn things like; compassion, forgiveness, moving forward, etc.

Is death scary to the one who passes? I have had many different experiences with spirits whom have crossed in various ways. Some died horrific deaths and some experienced very gentle crossings. In all of them I have been shown that it was (a) their choice to go in such a way and (b) they hold no grudges like we do still remaining in the physical world attached to ego.  I do get spirits who show me there was an element of surprise in their passing. Even then, I am shown they are okay with their time and circumstances in passing. Death is by no means scary for those who experience it. At a soul level we know (soul’s consciousness) when we are going to go, even if we may not understand (mind awareness) it. I am often shown a great sense of relief and freedom when they crossed.

We also never die alone. There are always other crossed-over loved ones around to assist us in our process. We are truly always supported and taken care of.

Haunted places; how does that work? By no stretch of imagination do I have all the answers. I am sure many will differ from my viewpoint but in my experience it is more a residual energy which remains. In other words, it is not the actual spirit, hanging around there all the time. It is rather just a reflective (past representation) energy of their presence which was once there. I am often shown that they like to visit places of significance to them. This can even include places where they have died. Remember, spirit is not attached to the way they died like we are. On many levels they have agreed and chosen it, just like we will.

Does this mean they are stuck there? In my opinion, no! Yes, spirit has the capacity to manipulate objects. Sometimes it is just to get our attention and bring us back to the present moment. Other times it is to show they are around and we are not alone. At no point does it imply they can’t move on. That is our interpretation. Is it to harm us in any way? Again, in my experience, no! It is in these visits that we are sometimes lucky in getting a viewing or a very strong sense of their presence. Seldom people are hurt when encountering the Para-normal, yet it is always relayed as a bad experience. It amazes me just how much we still have the pitchfork and fire mentality. What we don’t logically understand must be evil and be ostracized and burnt at the stake. Spirit’s visits are not to harm but rather just to connect. Spirit is based in love. We are the ones based in fear, destruction and ego…

Do we get stuck here with unfinished business? Again here my simple answer would be no! We are in essence part of the great divine source of love and knowing, returning to it with great ease. I think we think up these issues since we are driven by ego and fear. It is us that get stuck and struggle to let go of issues. Remember when we cross, we plug right back into source. This gives us the ability to know and understand all. We in physical form block that connection with our minds and ego. In spirit form there is none of that. Spirit allows their presence to be felt very intensely if they feel the loss has been overwhelming to those who were left behind. The gesture is meant as a comfort to us and is not a representation of their need. The soul has understanding and closure immediately. We, the ones left behind, struggle and resist acceptance.

Is connecting to spirit evil or against religious beliefs? My response to this question would be: when I connect to something which is completely based in love, am I not connecting to God? So how can connecting to God / the divine / love be evil?!

From what I have been shown, religion does not exist in the spirit realm. We are all joined by love. We are all one. There is no discrimination based on race, religious doctrine or any other form of discrimination we experience in the physical world.

Does that mean that God does not exist? Absolutely not! It just shows us that there is a divine, creative source which is truly based in love.  You can call it what you want; God, Allah, Mohamed, Ellohim, etc…….It is all the same. It all represents the same present, unconditional loving, creative source, to which every single living thing belongs to and are a part of. We are never separate from this source, even when in human form we feel disconnected. It is only through our minds that we experience feelings of disconnect; our souls always remain connected.

My belief is that we have been given spirit guides, crossed over loved ones and angels by the divine (God) to assist us with our journey in this life. It can be a very difficult life, so why not use the tools we have been given. I see the ability to connect with any of these spirit entities a true gift and blessing. I hope you will one day too . . .

I am sure there are many more questions you may have, and I would love to hear them all. This is why I have created a Mediumship / intuition development group which I run from my office on a Wednesday night. This group was created specifically to offer the opportunity for individuals who would like to improve their own connective or intuitive skills, the opportunity to grow and practice. It also offers the platform for those who wish to just connect with their crossed over loved ones. It provides a place where those who wish to understand more can come and learn.

Mediumship is a wonderful tool for all who wish to grow, learn and understand more about firstly themselves and the world of spirit. In my experience, it is uplifting, freeing and healing. Because of my connection with spirit, I have become a better person. I wish for all to experience the joy and healing power of this connection. The love felt when a loved one connects, is truly awe-inspiring. Sounds like something you would like to experience; then join me and explore this wonderful connection for yourself and expend your horizons.