I offer several different healing modalities in my practice, which includes: guidance-, couples-, addiction- and behavioral modification counseling as well as quantum healing, color therapy and regression therapy) All these modalities are incorporated to assist in the facilitation of releasing old patterns and obstacles so the individual can successfully move forward to create that which they desire. 

Just like a car or your physical body require attention / healing from time to time, so does your mental and emotional bodies. In the past it was considered that only crazy people required counseling. A very bad stigma passed on from generation to generation. It could not be further from the truth.

Counseling can offer you clarity, advancement, healing, peace of mind, a sense of freedom and spiritual augmentation, to name but a few benefits. It is only through our own willingness that we can improve our lives. Counseling can provide you with the opportunity to release some of the shackles of the past; assist you in seeing your path in the future clearer and move forward with freedom and confidence.

In my practice the counseling I offer is based on practical exercises we work through after an assessment has been made during an intake session. During the assessment session we explore where your blocks, fears and areas of limitations are. We then agree on certain processes I can offer and we begin with the healing / release work.  This will cover all areas of your life from self worth and work to relationships, children and life purposes.

In some cases I request some homework to be done since self-exploration is vital in the healing / release process. I shall explain in detail what I require the person to do and often expect the homework to be done for the next session to take place. The more you put in to yourself, the more you will get out . . . .

Some of the modalities I use to facilitate the counseling sessions include:

v  Psychic / mediumship to assist in guidance and direction

v  Quantum releases (vow releases, acquired behavior patterns, belief releases, etc.)

v  Journey regression (regressing back to a past issue to heal the emotional / mental blocks in order to facilitate resolution and progress)

v  Color therapy

v  Gestalt processing

v  Quantum jumping

v  Releases of self sabotaging beliefs and taught behavior.

v  EFT (emotional freedom technique)

v  Clearances

Benefits of counseling include:

v  Release of old beliefs which keeps you stuck

v  Obtaining clarity

v  Eliminating self sabotaging and self-limiting behaviors and beliefs

v  Improved self worth, self love and self acceptance

v  Empowerment

v  Awareness increase so more options become available to you

v  Happiness and peacefulness

v  Connection to a soul (authentic self) purpose

v  Discovering your authentic (soul) self

v  Direction

v  Increase in energy (more positive and optimistic)

v  Reprogramming the sub-conscious mind to align it with what you wish to see and experience

The sessions are hourly and no more than once a week, since it provides the person with time to integrate and adjust to the new beliefs, action and awareness levels. 

Counseling can be a huge tool of healing if you are willing to do the work and adapt to the changes it provides. With a little courage and faith in your own worth, you can move mountains  . . . . Let me help you get there!