The Grape Cure Diets: 

This is one of those diets that pop up on a frequent basis is various forms, but the main component and theory remains the same. The diet has been designed to cleanse the body and to help with weight reduction and all the person gets to consume for several days and sometimes weeks, is grapes.

Will you loose weight: This has the same effect as all the previously discusses diets. Water loss accounts for most of the weight loss, followed by the loss of lean muscle. Very little if any fat is lost in this diet.

If purification is the aim, as per the fasting diet, the liver and kidneys are responsible for this function and not food or lack thereof. 

Effects on the body: The lack of nutrients and energy whilst on this diet, can lead to various illnesses or nutrient deficiencies. In most cases this diet also causes diarrhea due to the excessive intake of the grapes. Many see this as the “purification”. With continuous diarrhea, you loose water as well as vitamins and electrolytes – not a favored situation, since the body is stripped away of essential elements it needs to function and ends up dehydrated.  These are not favored conditions and should be avoided at all cost.