What is Reiki

Reiki (pronounced as ray-key) is a generic word in Japan and is used to describe any form of healing work based on life force energy. When broken down “Rei” has been interpreted to mean “Universal” or “spiritual consciousness” and “Ki” has been interpreted as “life force energy” or “non-physical (spiritual)” energy.

This form of laying-on of hands as a healing technique has been around for thousands of years. It is alleged to have originated as a Tibetan Buddhist practice, which was re-discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, a Jappanese Buddhist, in the late 1800. Dr. Usui, as a theology student, wanted to heal others like Jesus and Buddha did.  In short, this took him on a journey of exploration, where he did re-discover the methods. He practiced Reiki throughout Japan on himself and others. Teaching students who were interested was also important to him and he passed on all his knowledge to Chujiro Hayashi, a retired naval officer, who eventually became Usui’s successor.  Usui trained in total 16 – 18 Reiki masters before his death in 1930.

Hayashi trained teams of Reiki practitioners and 16 Reiki masters in his time. He opened a healing clinic in Tokoyo where healers worked in groups on people. This is where Hawayo Takata came for healing in 1935 and became a Reiki healer in 1937. She was from Hawaii and returned home after her healing and training in Tokoyo. In 1938, Hayashi visited Takata in Hawaii and trained her to become a Reiki Master with the intent to make her his successor. Takata was eventually the one to not only teach and offer Reiki in Hawai, but also to introduce it to people in the United States, Canada and Europe. This is in short, how Reiki was introduced to the modern world.

Due to the fact that none of these teachers ever allowed for any notes to be taken and apparently varied in instructions on healing, there are variants in Reiki treatments today. In my opinion, should you think of going for a Reiki treatment, always make sure that the person you allow to work on you is trustworthy, humble, and honest and has the highest intent of healing for you.

Now you know a bit of the history but still not what is does or how it works. So, lets look at that:

·         Reiki is a very powerful, natural system which unlocks the inner flow of vital energy

·         Reiki increases the natural flow of events and patterns of manifestation in life

·         Reiki works on a mental, physical, spiritual and emotional level for the highest good of the person involved (It is therefore transcendental energy)

·         Reiki is safe to use any time, any place, and in any situation

·         Reiki allows for individual healing so each person gets what they need and are ready for

·         Reiki assists in personal development and spiritual enlightenment

·         Reiki can be used in conjunction with medical and other healing modalities

·         Reiki is also a completely self containing healing system, which means it can it is complete and whole in and of itself.

·         Reiki healing, when used correctly, is not harmful but only healing. It can not be used to control or manipulate

·         Reiki healing creates balance in the systems (body, mind, soul, emotions)

·         Reiki corresponds with the 4 elements: Earth (physical), Water (emotional), Air (Mental) and Fire (spiritual)

·         The recipient will only receive the healing equal to the person’s readiness and openness to healing.

·         Reiki healing can create miracle healing on any of the 4 levels.

·         Divine energy is what is channeled through the person administering the healing. You can and will not receive any energy from the person who is working on you. The Reiki healer is merely the conduit of divine healing energy

The benefits of Reiki healing include:

·         Healing of the cause of the disease or imbalance, hence allows for complete healing.

·         It has no religious base and therefore does not conflict with any religion or religious beliefs. 

·         As stated before, it can be used on its own or to assist in the efficacy of other healing modalities.

·         It promotes qualities of love, growth, compassion, trust, self-actualization, acceptance and empowerment from within

·         It is an intelligent, divine energy which heals that which is most required

·         It is always available.

·         Can not be done without the person’s permission and can only be used for the highest good of the person

·         It is pure, divine healing based on what your higher self requires

I love to use Reiki in my practice, since I find it to be a very, gentle, soothing energy. When seeing a client for Reiki healing, I always make sure they are aware that they may not receive what their minds want but rather what they are most ready for. In the light of this, I always recommend someone to be open to the endless possibilities of healing which Reiki can bring.

Reiki can be the answer to many issues or even just for stress relief, relaxation and rebalancing for you to function more optimally. Either way, try it some time and make it a part of your regular practice. You’ll be amazed at just how great it will make you feel!