Everything is energy. From the chair we sit on, the buildings we live in to every living creature and plant in this world. Everything emits energy and we function at different vibrations and frequencies. You’ll see for example: people who have lots of energy (high vibrational frequency) tent to be happy, excited, and full of life. The opposite is true for those who are sad and depressed. 

Places carry the same energy capacities. When you start becoming aware of your environment you'll notice it quickly.For example; a church has a very different energy than a prison. Or a veggie patch has a very different energy, and feels very different to a barren piece of land. Literally everything we come in contact with has energy which it emits. We are the same. 

We all get affected by the energy other humans and the world (physical and non-physical) around us emits. Functioning like sponges, we suck up all the negative - or positive - energy around us. It affects us on a conscious or subconscious level and we will see the affects directly or indirectly in our lives. A good example is when you work in a gloomy office, where people always complain and there is a lot of stress and anxiety. You will find you will eventually feel sick, also become negative, burnt out, de-motivated, angry, etc. The opposite is true if you change the environment and / or the people. We have all had that one individual who makes the whole environment stressful and unpleasant. Or worked and lived in places which made us feel unwell. Small things can have huge impacts on us energetically.

Our energy levels and functionality will be affected by current items, people and events as well as residual energies of people, items and events from the past. I have heard of homes which keep collapsing and when investigated it was found the ground it was built on was an old cemetery. Or if the person who owned your home before you were always miserable and angry, you can actually feel some of that energy in the home still after they have left. Even with food you will find a taste difference in something made with love versus something made out of say obligation. It is because it all boils down to energy. It may sound ridiculous, but see for yourself, go out and test my theory and you will surely find it to be true. Inexplicable, I fear not. It all boils down to the energies we emit, leave behind and receive.

My work involves assisting those who are struggling either in their personal or professional environments, to shift the energies in order to create a more balanced, uplifting space.