Animal Healing and communication 

Animals are such a blessing to us on this planet, be they domesticated or wild. The reason being; is they remain connected to their spiritual aspect, therefore authentic selves. Due to this, they are always connected to the divine, which is the essence of love. So in simple terms, they are helping us and the planet by remaining connecting to love. 

Many may differ from my opinion, based on the fact that animals do kill and eat each other and it's not always a pretty sight. Yes, that would be true, I can however confidently state that they do so without malice, gluttony or cruel intent. No animal will harm another for the fun of it, make a sort of it or wil be cruel to others, just because they can. Unfortunately we as the supposed "advanced" human species can not say the same. 

Now animals, like us, come with a distinct purpose. We do not always acknowledge their purpose since we do not see their relevance in our concrete jungle. It never the less does not diminish the fact that they have come here to bring and remind us of spiritual truths, like: compassion, kindness, respect, acceptance, etc.

Look for example at the Rhinos. I have heard so many people question why we should even bother to conserve them. It is simple; they are providing us with the opportunity to learn compassion, kindness, balance (we always seem to take more than what we need as humans) and selflessness. If we can all get to a place where we can acknowledge that all life is sacred, not just our own, would it not already be a better place to live in?     

Additional to the spiritual lessons they teach, they are also a very important part of our eco system. We as a human race have become so over-populated without regard of other life or even, ironically, our own. By being over-populated we put such a strain on our resources; creating massive lack and poor quality of basic sustenance from our water resources to our food supplies. Our coping style in all of this has seemingly been to ignore the obvious. We keep genetically and chemically engineering everything, thinking we are solving the problem but creating more. Our other solution is of course to make more space for ourselves by killing more of other species and natural habitats. Trees are being cut down daily without thought of replanting, parks turned into housing complexes and shopping malls, animals killed to control their numbers, etc. The list is endless.  

In our imbalanced, sophisticated, disconnected way of connecting with nature and all its divine creatures, we create sadly so much harm. With or without acknowledgement we have a huge impact on the world around us. The wonderful thing is we can change this. We have the capacity to take more time to understand and know the world and creatures around and in doing so we can learn to live in harmony with them.

This was my inspiration in doing animal communication and healing. I wanted to understand animals more, connect more and where possible, heal and uplift. If we all work together, this world can become a better place, all it takes is someone who cares.

In my animal communication and healing practice I work with both domestic and wild life animals. Domestic animals sometimes require healing and I provide them with Reiki healing and in some cases recommendations to use homeopathic or conventional meds. From a behavioral perspective I communicate with the animal in question to assess why they have behave the way they do. Animals are often triggered by their environment or their belief they have to fulfill a certain function.  It is more often a requirement to have both the willingness of the owner to make changes too, which helps the animal shift unwanted behavior. I always aim for a mutually beneficial outcome. Traumatized animals are a specialty of mine. I work with them systematically physically and emotionally to get them to a place of trust and wellbeing again. It is very rewarding work!

Wild life is such an honor to work with.  Most of my work with wild life animals is in the form of distance healing and communication, since direct contact is not always possible. Here it can also be either physical or emotional / behavioral issues I work with. Sometimes my work is as simple as assisting an animal with anxiety. All animals respond unbelievably quickly to Reiki healing and when we take time to connect with them telepathically, they show vast signs of improvement.

Unfortunately this type of work is not well recognized and acknowledged. I have also experienced people who harm and traumatize animals with their forceful ways of trying to make a difference, and in doing so, giving this form of healing and upliftment a very bad name.

I would like to beckon all who read this to be open to this form of healing and communication. Understanding that we are all connected and with the correct intent (love), we are able to make this world a better place for all, even nature and all its beautiful creatures.

Periodically throughout the year I offer classes in animal communication and telepathy. Join me and expand your world to include all of the divine.