Healthy Diet 

There are a million more diets, and I can spend hours on each, but my aim is to make you aware of the general effects they have. Most people do not realize the damage they cause by following these ill-composed diets and that is the role which all dieticians play. We are there to educate and to assist you in finding that balance. Making you aware of good nutrition and good healthy choices to assist you in not only obtaining a health weight and good health, but also maintaining it for life.

The next time you are tempted in trying a new diet, please make sure you choose wisely. Here are some guidelines on how to make a better, more educated decision. So, whenever you are faced with a new diet, ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Are you promised fast, effortless weight loss?

  • Are you told that Carbohydrates found in bread, cereal, etc. should be avoided?

  • Are you told that this diet is revolutionary or contains special, magical ingredients?

  • Is it stated that you don’t require any exercise?

  • Does it claim that you can have whatever you like as long as you take the specific product as recommended?

  • Are you told that you can have any amount of kilo-joules / calories and still loose weight?

  • Can you eat unlimited amounts of proteins (cheese, eggs, fish and meat)?

  • Are you expected to purchase special products, pills, supplements, powders, meal replacements or tonics?

  • Is it promised that there will be weight loss if you purchase special garments, passive exercise machines, have injections or supplement with vitamins?

  • Are the foods you are allowed from one specific food group or restricted to a specific food item (example: only fruits or only grapes)?

  • Are you expected to substitute one or more of your meals with a special supplement or tonic?

  • Are there any claims made to suggest that your metabolism will be increased, which in turn will lead to weight loss?

  • Are any promises made to suggest that one’s appetite would be controlled?

If the answer to any of these questions is in the affirmative, then you should NOT be following the diet. The likelihood that it would be more detrimental to one’s health than beneficial, is nearly guaranteed, and if you are looking for long term weight loss, this is not the route to follow. 


We have covered all the basic aspects of good nutrition, except one. It is the most important component of good nutrition and maintaining a healthy weight and balance. This is the component of self- love and self- acceptance.

In this hard and often dysfunctional world we live in it is hard to maintain a healthy self- esteem. We see super slim and “perfectly” build individuals everywhere and constantly compare ourselves with them – finding ourselves lacking. This is saddening, since we have each been graced with our own unique talents and gifts.

I believe that the first step in achieving your ideal body weight is to love and accept yourself. We are so busy comparing ourselves with others that we forget how wonderfully unique we are.  Yes we all have flaws and no one is perfect – not even the super models you see on all the billboards.

Learn to love and respect yourself and the rest will follow. If you feel good about whom you are and what you have to offer, following a good diet and really taking good care of yourself (body and soul) will become a part of your life. You will stop bingeing, making incorrect choices or following detrimental fad diets. Instead, you will make choices that embrace your heath and prosperity – this stems forth from self-respect and self-love.

Love is a tender plant; when properly nourished it becomes sturdy and enduring, but neglected it soon withers and dies. Love to all.

Good luck and healthy eating!