Mediumship / Intuition group and individual sessions:

We are all born divinely connected. This means we are connected to each other, our creator (regardless of religious orientation), crossed over loved ones and all that is deemed divine, all the time. The connection takes place through energy. Our world is a wonderful map of energy which we form an integral part of. This energy matrix holds all the information we require in life to be successful and happy. We access this energy information by what is referred to as intuition or “knowing”.

In our physical world the mind is the only aspect deemed important to function and survive. When we disconnect from the energy system (our spiritual side), by being only mind driven, life becomes meaningless and empty. In connecting to our spiritual side, by quieting the mind, we tap into this energy matrix and access our divinity and experience real inspiration. In this space we become one with all that is, was and will ever be, thus becoming one with all of creation. Intuition empowers & uplifts us and life starts making sense.  

In this space, we are also able to connect to guides, angels and crossed over loved ones. A true gift, since it is rare that we encounter such unconditional love in this physical plane.  By relearning to tap into this energy, you will obtain a sense of connectedness or belonging. This need to belong is a basic human need, which without, we feel depressed, unworthy and empty. In the gift of spiritual connection, we are once again reminded just how important and powerful we are and in that we feel and become empowered. (Click here to Read more)

If this sounds like something you wish to re-awaken and experience, join the group as we all learn & develop together.  For more details, mail me at: or contact me on 0824157275

I also offer private sessions for those who wish to connect with loved ones whom have passed. Sessions can be arranged by mailing or contacting me.